Vision Online: Trusted by the US Government

Vision is not just a Commercial Technology and Hosting Company, but also a Federal, State and Local Contractor. Vision offers a wide array of technology services to State and National Agencies, ranging from Hardware Engineering through to Software Development, Updating, Maintenance, Auditing and Compliance Services, as well as 24/7 on-site staff support of mission-critical infrastructure.

Federal, State and Local Contractor + Schools & Libraries USAC E-Rate Carrier

Vision provides Federal, State & Local Agencies a wide array of Services, including Network Engineering, Web Development, Database Architecting, Software Development in C++, C# and Objective C, Mobile Software Development for iPhone/iPad & Android Phone/Tablet, PHP and PERL Scripting, Server Security Hardening, Intrusion Countermeasures, Department of Defense Orange Book C5 Level Secure Hosting, Geographically Distributed High Availability Hosting for Mission Critical Applications, Cluster and Region-based Traffic Routing & Load Balancing, Multi-Homed Lowest-Latency BGP-based Traffic Allocation, as well as infrastructure, platform, database, storage, analytics and software as-a-service (IaaS, PaaS, DBaaS, STaaS, AaaS, and SaaS, respectively).

Whether your needs are small, such as straightforward hosting of your application, website or service using either one of our pre-configured packages or something custom-tailored to suit your needs, or moderate, such as updating, adding functionality or redesigning a corporate or government web site, or large, such as building out an 800-core server farm or CUDA-based parallel processing array for climate modeling, protein sequencing and other math-intensive calculations, or creating a very large storage pool (ranging from hundreds of terabytes up to hundreds of petabytes) for data-intensive calculations, Vision's team of Network Engineers can help.

Our "best value" guarantee means that Government and Commercial clients both get the same low prices and guarantee of top-notch service. Companies and Agencies that need an exclusive cluster of secure, highly available, virtualized servers can work with Vision to take advantage of the optimization and scalability of cloud technologies while maintaining security and manageability.

What’s more, all of our solutions can be expanded to include dedicated technical support to help your IT team pool your resources across the company, move workloads seamlessly between physical servers and lower your operational costs. Private cloud hosting is available with VMware, Hyper-V or RedHat Hypervisors.