Vision Online: Dedicated Server Solutions

When you have high CPU, storage, memory or security requirements, dedicated servers are the solution. Vision's engineers can work with you to either select a pre-configured server to meet your needs, a cluster, private cloud or even custom-design and build high performance machines to meet the needs of your specific application, including load-balanced clusters of multiple front- and back-end servers.

Standard 1U

  • Storage512 GB SSD
  • Data ProtectionRAID-1
  • Memory32 GB
  • CPU Cores4 (1x4)
  • Bandwidth100 Mbps
  • Transfer31.35 TB

Powerful 2U

  • Storage1 TB SSD
  • Data ProtectionRAID-6
  • Memory64 GB
  • CPU Cores8 (2x4)
  • Bandwidth250 Mbps
  • Transfer78.37 TB

High End 2U

  • Storage2 TB SSD
  • Data ProtectionRAID-6
  • Memory192 GB
  • CPU Cores16 (4x4)
  • Bandwidth500 Mbps
  • Transfer156 TB

Ultimate 5U

  • Storage32 TB SSD
  • Data ProtectionRAID-60
  • Memory4,096 GB
  • CPU Cores80 (8x10)
  • Bandwidth10 Gbps
  • Transfer3,210 TB

Dedicated Server Solutions

Whether one of our pre-configured solutions above or a solution that is custom-designed to meet your growing needs, Vision's team of engineers will have you up and running as fast as possible. Vision is a Value Added Reseller for multiple hardware manufacturers, and can have the latest high-end servers shipped, configured, racked and ready for your use in the shortest possible time.

Dedicated Servers can be configured to run any Operating System desired, from Windows to Linux. Dedicated Servers can also be configured as either stand-alone or multi-node Private Clouds, enabling your team to perform rapid configuration, prototyping, testing and deployment of multiple virtual servers and virtual networks.

Vision's range of Dedicated Server Solutions runs from small, highly cost-effective 1U units up to some of the most cutting-edge, high-end servers in existence today, with up to a full terabyte of RAM and eight ten-core (80 cores) Intel Xeon E7-8800 Westmere-EX CPUs, driving one or more 10 Gbps network feeds. No matter how extreme or complex your processing requirements may be, if they can be accomplished by the latest technology, Vision can meet them.

Not limited to servers alone, Vision can also deploy high-end intrusion detection devices such as the Juniper IDP 8200, which provides Stateful Signature Inspection, backdoor detection, ping blocking, port restriction, network honeypots, IP blocking, and traffic analysis of up to 10 Gbps and 5 million concurrent connections, with daily Signature updates to help keep your dedicated servers' network safe and secure from would-be hackers.